Saturday, March 31, 2012


March was such a nice month :) 
It brought me Spring, my favorite season, alongside with birds and bees, sun and blooms.. I wish the blossom season was more long, though... and specially if it rains, they are washed out faster. bah! I shot some blossoms on the beginning of the month and then, when I came back from Canada, bang! The trees were full of green leaves. 
Speaking of Canada, what an awesome vacation! I stayed with my family (aunts and cousins) and it was really nice to hang out with them, and of course I had the opportunity to explore the city and fill my belly with good stuff.

Check the posts from March here:


  1. Gostei dos pormenores das fotos :)
    Que Abril seja ainda melhor ;D

  2. Gostei das fotografias =)

    (giveaway at

  3. adoro! vou espreitar no fb :) eu tou a pensar postar as que achar mais interessantes visualmente no blog, mas também quero fazer um post com elas todas!


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