Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Festivals equals summer time!!

Hello Summer!!
Here you are! We are very glad that you came but we have a couple of things to say to you. For now on is absolutely mandatory having:
  • spectacular mornings with bright sun, right when we need to wake up.
  • perfect sunsets to spend with our lovely ones
  • long days spending with our friends on a BBQ: eating nice food, fresh salads, colorful fruits,...and drinks to make us spirituals ;)
  • warm and pleasant afternoons (after 4pm :)) on the beach playing some soccer, volley or simply walking, and swimming, swimming on the water (not too cold, not too jacuzzi)
  • perfect vacations with our friends with a lot of adventures to talk of...and laugh of!
  • cool and crazy family lunches
  • festivals: music festivals, food festivals, dog festivals, friends festivals :D
  • Italian ices, frozen yoghurts, ice creams,..
What do you want for this Summer?


P.S.: This past weekend I went to a Veggie festival in Bryan Park (Richmond,VA). Me and my friends bike there and we simply enjoyed the food, music and nature. Look at some pictures that I took.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Squirrelzz <3

These guys are a little bit nervous but I like them. hehe
So why am I posting about squirrels?? Because this is very american, indeed! According to some researches, you can find them almost everywhere but you can't find them in Portugal or in other Mediterranean countries, maybe they don't like our dry air and our trees ;)
But anyway, here, you can find these guys everywhere.. and their favorite places are parks where they can find a wide variety of plant food, including nuts, seeds, fruits, fungi and green vegetation. But you can find them too, near from your house :), specially in neighborhoods with low traffic and trees!
They seem to be very anxious, busy and very funny! I love their fluffy tails!
Since I don't have any pet here, I enjoy taking pictures of them and treat them like they were my pets. When I go to the park, I give them cute names and call for them.
Now, I invite you all to take a look at my 'Squirrels Album' with a selection of photos from these boys. I hope I can take pictures of squirrels, every city I go...! :)
These are from Boston. And I have to say that they were quite curious and strangely friendly.

In Washington, I found some in a bad shape, very lazy actually.

In NYC, they are very busy, like the city, curiously.

Here in Richmond, they are very nervous, running everywhere, climbing trees, it seems that they are playing a game. It has to be!

What is your favorite?


Friday, June 10, 2011

Necessary NYC, such a necessary city!

I <3 New York!!!

I was so excited to finally meet NYC! And people are right when they say that you are surrounded by nice tall buildings, amazing fashion stores and people from all over the place! Finally I listen some portuguese in the streets! ;) It's kind of a melting pot in a concrete jungle! For me, it sounds awesome!
Our flight was cancelled because of the storms so our trip was reduced for only 2 days :( So, we just had time to see Manhattan and its must go places. And I feel like I didn't had time to take nice and different photos. My eyes were too tourist. I have to go again and fill my SD card with nice pics.
And do you want to know something? NYC has actually the same latitude as Aveiro (my hometown), isn't it nice? Cool! Just the ocean apart!

What NYC does have? (from the upper side to the bottom)
  • Central park!! Huge Central Park! I really liked to have a walk there, it was so refreshing and revitalizing!
  • Rockfeller Plaza, that is so 30 Rock! Go to the NBC store, they have nice merchandise about NBC TV shows.
  • Walk the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, ... avenues... be amazed with all of the fashion stores. Just look at the fashion windows!
  • You have to go to Times Square, specially at night. Go every night! Ah! And don't forget the M&M store: so original and colorful.
  • Climb the Empire State Building! I was there in the evening (around 7pm) and it was magnificent! Some lights on..The view was super super amazing! But make sure that you have your coat on because was freakin' windy! I want to go there again, take more pictures and analyze each building! :D
  • It has a little, little Italy (near by the big, big Chinatown :)) where you should definitely eat! Specially because some cute guys will come at you offering the menu.
  • Since you are at the Lower Manhattan, go to the Brooklyn bridge (I should have walk to the other side.. 2km of length). I wish the weather was better, it was to cloudy. iac!
  • Go to the 9/11 to get some chills :/ Is not finished but you can imagine the twin towers there..
  • From the bottom of Manhattan, you can see the Statue of Liberty. And I just saw it from Manhattan's. The ferry seemed to me so romantic: crowded and shaking all over the places.. lol
And the art on the streets, god! I didn't have time to go to MoMa museum or the Metropolitan but I was so inspired in the streets, people and energy of the city! I <3 NYC!


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