Saturday, June 4, 2011

Real Richmond!

I don't know how to start.. But Richmond is definitely a different city.. It doesn't have so many tall buildings like NYC, neither a lot of museums and memorials as DC neither the ocean so near as in Boston. I'm here since November and I'm still exploring this city.. For instance, yesterday I went to Broad st. for the First Fridays Art Walk. That was awesome! Every first friday of the month, the art galleries are open with new exhibitions, we can found street animations, live music.. that street just came to life! 
So, what does Richmond have?
  • Maymont park with a mini-zoo and a beautiful gardens like the Japanese Garden.
  • The white Virginia State Capitol surrounded by nice squirrels.
  • Lovely Victorian style houses (I definitely have to do a post for this!)
  • It has Jackson Ward, a historically Afro-American neighborhood. I like the houses with front porches, the barber shops full of people, the cars parked there..
  • James river full of rapids and pools; nice for fishing, rafting and for swim (like a little Jacuzzi pool, maybe not so hot lol)
  • The special Cardinal birds; so unique!
  • It doesn't have subway :(, only bus (and it sucks on weekends!)..
  • The Cary st. is awesome: the west side is good for shopping (stylish vintage stores) and the east side is for the pubs
  • The beach is not that near (Virginia Beach is 2h away from here..) but it has the same latitude as the beautiful beach in Zambujeira do Mar, in Portugal.. Almost summer,yes!
I found that Richmond is very real and raw! Welcome to Richmond!


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  1. Richmond sounds quite cozy, especially the Jackson Ward neighborhood! I always find myself laughing and smiling more on those kind of independent neighborhoods! In Oslo, we have two defined immigrants neighborhoods; Grønland and Grünerløkka - though the last is more of an typical bohemian/globetrotter environment :) I love the liberating feeling I get when I'm there :)

    Re: Thank you so much for caring, your link is up!

  2. That is so truth! I smile when I go there. People say "Hello!How you doin?", they go to the church and they have amazing gospel chorus, and yeah! people just start to sing or rap some lines.*

  3. My friends said that I'm seeing a different But you know, I think that every city has special places :)

  4. Adorei as fotos e por conseguinte a cidade!
    Deu vontade de viajar, para qualquer lugar! como dizes todas as cidades têm algo de especial! (:


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