Saturday, May 28, 2011

Me want cookies!

Oh cookies, cookies! I'm the kind of girl that is crazy about sweets: not candies or gummies but homemade cakes, cookies, muffins and chocolate..There must be two types of girls: some crazy about sweets, others crazy about salty.
And today I'm going to talk about COOKIES! Cookies are not a thing that I remember my mom or even my grandma doing.. I don't know, perhaps Portugal doesn't have a large history in cookies, I don't know.. However I always had some cookies at home, at least a packet of Maria cookies (I miss them!) :)
I was doing some research and I found that the word cookie originally came from the Dutch keokje, meaning "little cake" and the Dutch first popularized cookies in the United States. Cookies are consumed in 95.2 percent of U.S. households. Americans alone consume over 2 billion cookies a year, or 300 cookies for each person annually.
So, of course, I had to try the american cookies!!

Cappuccino Cookies with espresso and white chocolate. This was my first tray of cookies, and it turns out they were a success. Check here the recipe, her blog is adorable! She is american so nothing better than learn from her. You can try with some dark chocolate chips and pecan nuts too. The taste of coffee is something fantastic!


Chewy Low Fat Banana Nut Oatmeal Cookies. Another recipe that you have to try is these light cookies. The recipe is here. And by the way, this blog is very nice because Gina makes delicious low fat recipes.

Oh cookies, cookies! You are awesome, you know that? I have an entire book of cookies recipes to try! but you know what..the summer is almost here... I'm so sorry mister cookie! in another time (but I will assure you that will be on this life! c;)


P.S.: let me know if you have any questions about the recipes ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WoW Washington DC!

Next stop was: Washington DC, the "District" of Columbia! Is not a part of any state: neither Virginia nor Maryland. Is a sacred land! So it means that the Washington Dulles and the Ronald Reagan airports don't belong to Washington but they are actually from Virginia. hehe
So, after landing in Dulles, we took the subway to no man's land :P! Do you want to know what did we experience right before we arrive? Hot as hell (calor do catano!)! And, again, we weren't ready for that! God! So first the wind and cold in Boston..and now the hot,hot,hot weather in DC. grrr! In fact, we don't have many travelling experiences ...we are the so-called "the beginners"!
What did I think about DC? Well, built to be the capital of US. Basically, it's a nice and new city, with some tall buildings..and then, when you get closer to the "center", you have a sacred and immaculate strip of land full of MEMORIALS, MUSEUMS, MEMORIALS and more MUSEUMS! I mean, you don't imagine how big is that and how many things you can watch/visit and take photos. So, don't try to do that in one day! The center has all those museums but nothing else... I mean:and for that I mean: no starbucks, no deli markets, no stop subway stations,.. so funny right? You just have these yellow cars with hamburgers, hotdogs and pretzel, that took over the immaculate strip of land.
I enjoyed the city, we had some lucky with the hotel, very near from the immaculate strip of land..Oh, and guess what? When I had lost hope, with my luggage ready to go to the next stop, I finally found Zara, H&M, American Apparel, Macy's and Forever XXI in the same block...sweet!
What DC has?
  • Mister Lincoln seated, looking at the city.
  • It has a reflecting pool, but at the time it was under construction :s
  • mini Chinatown (very light, considering the Chinese things lol) with some food and very important: Smoothie King..oh God!After our long walks (under the sun, should I remember you!)..nothing better than a fruity smoothie.
  • nice Aquarium, fresh and protected from the sun :D
  • a lot of Museums: we "just" saw the National Museum of Natural History and the National Gallery of Art.
  • White house with Obama and his family doing a Easter party. hehe
  • Madame Tussauds, because it is always fun to chill out with some famous and Very Important People (V.I.P.)
  • Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy,etc.: they were all there!! ;)


PS: DC has the same latitude as Lisbon =)


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bold Boston

United-States-of-America. How many united states? 50 states! What are the differences between them? I still don't know. But one thing I know for sure: you can found Starbucks in each and every state (I think!and I hope!). ;)
Since I cross the Atlantic, I must explore these lands, right? So, in this month I did a fantastic trip (with my lovely boyfriend) starting in Boston. Then, Washington DC, Richmond and NYC! This post is about Boston!

What does Boston have?
  • It's a coastal city, so you can breathe the Atlantic ocean. The landing of aircraft is very cool.
  • It has the same latitude as Vigo (Spain).
  • Has Garnett (Go Celtics!), Bruins (hockey) and Red Sox (baseball) =)
  • Has the MIT and Harvard. You feel some history in Harvard, it's cool! And has this guy (John Harvard) with a gold-tipped shoe.
  • Subway that works and is very nice!
  • Lovely bronze ducks and frogs in the middle of the city.
  • The Massachusetts state house that is the "Hub of the Solar System". I love the golden!
  • Sea Food Legal (try to say with a Brazilian accent, lol) is a restaurant that you can find all over the city. The price not so Legau (nice!) and we, as portuguese, are very, very knowledgeable about fish.
  • It has a little, little Italy. I definitely recommend the Bertucci’s; this italian restaurant is delicious. I ate kind of a pizza with grilled vegetables on top. Oh, and by the way, I had a perfect expresso at Bertucci’s in Fenway (near the Red Sox stadium).
I really enjoyed the city. I think that somehow is more european, I don't know.. It has a nice downtown with stores, bargains, nice buildings. 
Do you want to know something funny? The weather at that time wasn't so pleasant, really! So I had to buy a sweater to use on those days.. I should had checked the weather. lol
Enjoy the photos,


Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have to confess that I'm really not the type of girl that reads a lot of books, that has an entire library at home with fiction, history, mystery, religion, romances, science fiction books.. The best sellers doesn't' attract me: I'm sorry Harry Potter, I'm sorry Dan Brown! ..I don't know..At the beginning I'm very exited and I start to read but then.. they are good for sleep, I'll say. :S
However, one thing that I really like to see are the covers.. =D
And it seems that I'm more in love with 'technique' books, I should say. With nice photos, some text (lol).. I like to learn with them! So, my perfect books have to be related with my hobbies, what I really like to do! Some about cooking, makeup and photography.. Do you have any of these?

Meet 'Martha Stewart's Cookies' from Martha Stewart. Ok, she is an American icon: tv programs, books, magazine. That is why I choose her to teach how to do this amazing thing that are the american cookies (and some other cookies).
What I like? I like cookies. Cookies with tea, cookies with coffee, cookies with cookies ;)

Meet 'Makeup- The ultimate guide' from Rae Morris. Fantastic makeup artist from Australia that teach us some techniques.
What I like? The tips that she gives and the description of the makeup essentials.

Meet 'Martha Stewart's Cupcakes' by Martha Stewart. Yeah, again Martha Stewart, but you know, she does fancy cupcakes and it seems so easy!
What I like? The crazy decorations.
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Meet 'Understanding exposure' from Bryan Peterson. He is a genius and a great teacher. Thank you for helping me how to shoot in my DSLR. (By the way, I went to his workshop in April, it was a lot of fun. And I have the book signed ;))
What I like? The relaxed way that he writes. And of course the photos, oh man!

Meet 'United Cakes of America' from Warren Brown. This book is organized by the american states. He collect one famous sweet recipe for each state. Cool!
What I like? I like the tittle! and the cover! And more American desserts to try :)

Impressed at all? I would like to know you better..What is your favorite genre and/or writer?



PS: I'm sorry girls I didn't talk about you because are a different chapter ;) Just keep coming every month and I will enjoy like as the first time that I meet you.

Tenho que confessar que não sou o tipo de rapariga que tem um monte de livros, a coleção inteira de livros espetaculares de ficção, história, mistério, religião, romance, ficção científica.. Os best-sellers não me atraem muito: desculpa Harry Potter, desculpa Dan Brown! Não sei.. de inicio até fico entusiasmada mas depois.. dá-me muito sono :s O que eu gosto mesmo é das capas dos livros!

Parece que estou mais apaixonada é por livros mais técnicos, diria! Com fotos fixes, algum texto (pois..) gosto de aprender com eles. Os meus livros preferidos são definitivamente aqueles que têm a haver com os meus passatempos. Sobre cozinhar (mas não é qq um que me atrai, ok?), maquilhagem e fotografia… Tens algum destes?
  • Apresento 'Martha Stewart's Cookies' (Martha Stewart). Ela é um ícone Americano: tem um programa, livros e uma revista só dela. Um império! Por isso é que a escolhi como minha professora para me ensinar a fazer os verdadeiros ‘american cookies’ (e outros cookies!)

O que eu gosto? Eu gosto de cookies, ponto. Cookies com chá, cookies com café, cookies com cookies ;)
  • Apresento 'Makeup- The ultimate guide' (Rae Morris). É uma fantástica makeup artist australiana e ensina algumas técnicas neste livro.

O que gosto? As dicas que dá e a descrição do essencial para maquilhar.
  • Apresento 'Martha Stewart's Cupcakes' (Martha Stewart).Yeah! Outra vez Martha Stewart, mas poxa!, ela faz um cupcakes tão divertidos, e parece que é tão fácil!

O que eu gosto? Das decorações loucas!
  • Apresento 'Understanding exposure'  (Bryan Peterson). Ele é um génio e um óptimo professor. Obrigada por me ensinares como fotografar na minha DSLR. (Ah! Já agora, aproveito para dizer que fui ao workshop dele no mês de Abril, hehe foi super fixe! E já tenho o livro autografado)

O que eu gosto? Da forma relaxada de como ele escreve. E claro, as fotos espetaculares!
  • Apresento 'United Cakes of America'  (Warren Brown). Este livro está organizado de acordo com os estados americanos. Portanto, uma receita para cada estado. Nice!

O que eu gosto? Eu gosto muito do título! E a capa! E claro, mais receitas para experimentar!

Que tal? Gostava de te conhecer melhor? Que género de livros gostas mais? E o escritor favorito?



PS: Desculpem revistinhas por ter falado sobre vocês, mas pertencem a outro capítulo! Eu quero é que vocês continuem a vir cada mês e eu vou-vos adorar ter por cá!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Smells like U.S.A.

Hello guys!

This time I decided to show you some photos that I took. They are sooo U.S.A!! I haven't visited many countries but one think I know for sure, those photos aren't Portugal. They smell like U.S.A.
And you know what? This is like the movies,am I right? so nice!
  • you find squirrels in any park (and now they are my new pets, I like to call for them :) )
  • you find a lot of american flags in the streets (God bless America!)
  • dollars!!
  • love for coffee and sugar, sorry! for splenda!!!;)
  • fancy car plates
  • "drive up" addiction (either to buy a burger or withdraw money)
  • orange pencils, yellow notebooks, nice composition books
  • starbucks!!
I hope you like it :) I'm really enjoying get to know America, I hope you like me too.


Desta vez decidi fazer uma compilação de fotos que são bastante americanadas ;) Eu ainda não visitei muitos países mas uma coisa é verdade: estas fotos não são nada Portugal, elas cheiram aos states!

E sabes que mais? Não achas que isto é igual aos filmes? niiice!
  • encontras sempre esquilos nos parques das cidades (e eles agora são os meu novos animais de estimação. adoro chamar por eles ;))
  • encontras muitas bandeiras dos EUA pelas ruas: nas casa, comércio, nos edificios do estado (Que Deus abençoe os states!)
  • dólares!
  • são apaixonados (e diria, viciados!) pelo café (convém lembrar que é o de cafeteira!) e por açúcar/adoçante (eles têm uma relação de amor-ódio, tenho q investigar isso!)
  • matrículas dos carros todas personalizadas oh yeah,babe!
  • drive-up! simplesmente não sair do carro e poder comprar uma hambúrguer e tal, mas mais surpreendente, para poder fazer levantamentos de dinheiro..tipo multibanco drive-up!
  • lápis laranja, bloco de notas pautado com folhas amarelas; em vez dos cadernos pretos têm "composition books"
  • starbucks!!
Eu até estou a gostar de conhecer a América, espero que ela seja simpática e que goste de mim também.


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