Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bold Boston

United-States-of-America. How many united states? 50 states! What are the differences between them? I still don't know. But one thing I know for sure: you can found Starbucks in each and every state (I think!and I hope!). ;)
Since I cross the Atlantic, I must explore these lands, right? So, in this month I did a fantastic trip (with my lovely boyfriend) starting in Boston. Then, Washington DC, Richmond and NYC! This post is about Boston!

What does Boston have?
  • It's a coastal city, so you can breathe the Atlantic ocean. The landing of aircraft is very cool.
  • It has the same latitude as Vigo (Spain).
  • Has Garnett (Go Celtics!), Bruins (hockey) and Red Sox (baseball) =)
  • Has the MIT and Harvard. You feel some history in Harvard, it's cool! And has this guy (John Harvard) with a gold-tipped shoe.
  • Subway that works and is very nice!
  • Lovely bronze ducks and frogs in the middle of the city.
  • The Massachusetts state house that is the "Hub of the Solar System". I love the golden!
  • Sea Food Legal (try to say with a Brazilian accent, lol) is a restaurant that you can find all over the city. The price not so Legau (nice!) and we, as portuguese, are very, very knowledgeable about fish.
  • It has a little, little Italy. I definitely recommend the Bertucci’s; this italian restaurant is delicious. I ate kind of a pizza with grilled vegetables on top. Oh, and by the way, I had a perfect expresso at Bertucci’s in Fenway (near the Red Sox stadium).
I really enjoyed the city. I think that somehow is more european, I don't know.. It has a nice downtown with stores, bargains, nice buildings. 
Do you want to know something funny? The weather at that time wasn't so pleasant, really! So I had to buy a sweater to use on those days.. I should had checked the weather. lol
Enjoy the photos,



  1. Fantásticas as fotos!
    Gostei muito da descrição da cidade, principalmente de referires o facto de Boston ficar à memsa latitude que Vigo :) Niceee! Isso é bom para percebermos a localização! ;)
    Agora uma sugestão: aprofunda a tua descrição sobre as cidades. Quero a tua opinião, a tua percepção...Quero mais!


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