Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WoW Washington DC!

Next stop was: Washington DC, the "District" of Columbia! Is not a part of any state: neither Virginia nor Maryland. Is a sacred land! So it means that the Washington Dulles and the Ronald Reagan airports don't belong to Washington but they are actually from Virginia. hehe
So, after landing in Dulles, we took the subway to no man's land :P! Do you want to know what did we experience right before we arrive? Hot as hell (calor do catano!)! And, again, we weren't ready for that! God! So first the wind and cold in Boston..and now the hot,hot,hot weather in DC. grrr! In fact, we don't have many travelling experiences ...we are the so-called "the beginners"!
What did I think about DC? Well, built to be the capital of US. Basically, it's a nice and new city, with some tall buildings..and then, when you get closer to the "center", you have a sacred and immaculate strip of land full of MEMORIALS, MUSEUMS, MEMORIALS and more MUSEUMS! I mean, you don't imagine how big is that and how many things you can watch/visit and take photos. So, don't try to do that in one day! The center has all those museums but nothing else... I mean:and for that I mean: no starbucks, no deli markets, no stop subway stations,.. so funny right? You just have these yellow cars with hamburgers, hotdogs and pretzel, that took over the immaculate strip of land.
I enjoyed the city, we had some lucky with the hotel, very near from the immaculate strip of land..Oh, and guess what? When I had lost hope, with my luggage ready to go to the next stop, I finally found Zara, H&M, American Apparel, Macy's and Forever XXI in the same block...sweet!
What DC has?
  • Mister Lincoln seated, looking at the city.
  • It has a reflecting pool, but at the time it was under construction :s
  • mini Chinatown (very light, considering the Chinese things lol) with some food and very important: Smoothie King..oh God!After our long walks (under the sun, should I remember you!)..nothing better than a fruity smoothie.
  • nice Aquarium, fresh and protected from the sun :D
  • a lot of Museums: we "just" saw the National Museum of Natural History and the National Gallery of Art.
  • White house with Obama and his family doing a Easter party. hehe
  • Madame Tussauds, because it is always fun to chill out with some famous and Very Important People (V.I.P.)
  • Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy,etc.: they were all there!! ;)


PS: DC has the same latitude as Lisbon =)



  1. inbejazinha da boa por aqui :) dá memo vontade de largar tudo e mandar me ao desconhecido, mesmo sendo DC daquelas cidades dos states que nunca me inspirou grande curiosidade, talvez pela overdose de filmes de acção holliwodescos com a white house e o pentagono e coisas que tal.
    Nas manhas da 3 agora está o Beja com a Inês Lopes Gonçalves e o Botas maléfico...vai seguindo os podcasts e o Portugalex dá meia hora antes da prova oral :p

  2. yah!isto é como nos filmes! ;)
    a falar no pentágono,nem vale a pena passar por lá...
    1:nao podes tirar fotos
    2:só ves um lado do pentagono, e daí imaginas o resto..
    3:mt betão,pouca imaginação.
    4:nao sao 4 sao 5 lados! hihi

  3. Adorei as fotos! Realmente também tenho muita curiosidade de visitar pelos imensos filmes que se vê da cidade.

  4. I have to say that I really like Washington D.C.. I visited in 2000 and 2001. The Smithonian Museums are soooo great!


  5. You bet! I have to return for sure! I have this feeling that I missed a lot of things.. :/

  6. Priminha, priminha! Tens que passar a fotógrafa! Fogo! Andas a impressionar-me! Muito bem!!!

  7. concordo com a Irene!! adoro ver as fotos que vais tirando... muito bem Janita!!

    já agora parabéns pelo blog... bela ideia para um "intercâmbio" de hábitos/cultura/gastronomia!!


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