Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my magazines

Meet my magazines! :D The subscriptions are very cheap here: you can find as low as 10bucks per year, so, I chose these lovely magazines to make part of my journey. I love to read it before I go to bed!I love to smell the small samples of perfume inside marie claire and vogue, to read the tips, all the events that will happen in Richmond, and the amazing and inspirational stories and ideas from Entrepeneur magazine!
What about you, do you read magazines often? Which one?
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PS: By the way, the girl from the Entrepreneur cover is the CEO of Nasty Gal :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Narrow streets

It's funny: everytime I talk  to strangers/people at the streets, they usually ask me where am I from (because of my funny accent, probably!). Most of the times I need to explain where is Portugal or clarify that I speak the same language as the brazilians, and that Portugal is not a city in Spain. bua bua! :( Remember that Cristiano Ronaldo (and soccer in general!) is not that famous here in Richmond...
One time, someone asked me if it is true that in Portugal we have narrow streets. ahah Yes, we do! Actually, Portugal has a very rich and interesting history behind: the first county was formed at 868 (That old!). That's why you usually found the narrow streets in the historical part of the city.
Let me show you some pictures of narrow streets in Coimbra. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RVA skyline at night

Since I was there at the twilight, I waited for the night to come. Sooo worth it!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

RVA skyline *lusco-fusco*

It's exactly what I wanted to show you! Photos from Richmond,VA skyline during the lusco-fuscoLusco-fusco basically means those 5-7minutes when you are waiting for the light to fade, just before it gets dark. Or if you prefer, RVA skyline during twilight (fancy!). 
I went with my photographer buddies, otherwise I wouldn't find this amazing spot to take photos.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Peanut butter Bacon Cookies

And the recipe for this month is... cookies! When you think about american cookies, the chocolate chip cookies comes to your mind, right? Giant and chewy cookies, good for your mind and soul, terrible for your diet! tu ru

But now imagine joining two things that the americans are most fan of: the bacon and the peanut butter! Peanut butter and bacon wrapped as a cookie! It sounds crazy, right? ahah Actually very good! This recipe is basically a peanut butter cookie with some bites of bacon.. Well, you must try!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January quote

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Charming Aveiro

So, this is Aveiro, this nice little city located on the shore of the atlantic ocean... It's often called the portuguese Venice and you can see why. It's not a big city packed with cars and buildings but it is a cute and charming one :) During the holidays I went for walk by the canal with my sisters and my cousin and I took a couple of photos. This is just a sample of the city. Definitely I need to go home again and fill my sd card with moooore photos of Aveiro.

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PS: vota no soblushed para ''Blogs do ano 2012', na categoria 'blog estrangeiro em língua portuguesa'.
Obrigada!! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Concurso 'Blogs do ano 2012'

Meus queridos leitores,
O blog está inscrito no concurso 'Blogs do ano 2012', organizado pelo Aventar.eu, na categoria 'blog estrangeiro em língua portuguesa'. Nota: apesar de escrever a maioria dos posts em inglês, sou super portuguesa! ;)
Segundo o regulamento: cada leitor pode votar em todas as categorias a concurso, em cada categoria uma vez. O controlo da votação é feito pelo WordPress/PollDaddy, impedindo a repetição do uso do mesmo IP no espaço de 24h. E por isso, sim, podem votar uma vez por dia

Se gostam aqui do soblushedzinho, votem! :D As votações são até dia 19Jan, uma semaninha.

Obrigada! *.*

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Por-tu-gue-se food :)

What is my favorite dish? hum... that is a difficult question! But I'm sure that is probably something that involves fish! Yes, I'm from Aveiro region, so the fish is a big thing for us! Specially the eels stew with beautiful yellow sliced potatoes because of the safron sauce, that is one of our specialty dish!
I took some photos of the food that I ate during the holidays in Portugal, check them out!

Check also the photos from last year Xtmas+Reveillon, more food there!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spending the holidays in Portugal means...

Happy new year!! I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately but december was (always is, actually!) such an intense month: finishing some experiments at the lab, making sure that the presents come in time,... 
2012 was tough: I stayed the entire year here in USA and I had a lot of fun but I was already missing my country...  Portugal was calling for me from the other side of the ocean. I needed to recharge and get inspired for 2013 near my beloved ones so I went back home to spend the holidays!  
Spending Christmas in Portugal means: spending time with my cat&dog, crazyness with my sisters, boyfriend all the time, coffees (espresso) with friends, reveillon playing silly games, good food, walks into the city,.... Life is good!
See the photos bellow; they are just a small sample. I hope you enjoy! ;)

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