Friday, January 11, 2013

Por-tu-gue-se food :)

What is my favorite dish? hum... that is a difficult question! But I'm sure that is probably something that involves fish! Yes, I'm from Aveiro region, so the fish is a big thing for us! Specially the eels stew with beautiful yellow sliced potatoes because of the safron sauce, that is one of our specialty dish!
I took some photos of the food that I ate during the holidays in Portugal, check them out!

Check also the photos from last year Xtmas+Reveillon, more food there!

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  1. Ai manedinhaaaaaaa q bom!!!
    Agora deu-me a fome! grrr... Comidinhas portuguesas tão boas! As fotos estão fantásticas...realistas q.b., lol! :)

  2. Hummm... tudo tão bom... que acabei agora mm de jantar e já tou com água na boca! :D


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