Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Charming Aveiro

So, this is Aveiro, this nice little city located on the shore of the atlantic ocean... It's often called the portuguese Venice and you can see why. It's not a big city packed with cars and buildings but it is a cute and charming one :) During the holidays I went for walk by the canal with my sisters and my cousin and I took a couple of photos. This is just a sample of the city. Definitely I need to go home again and fill my sd card with moooore photos of Aveiro.

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PS: vota no soblushed para ''Blogs do ano 2012', na categoria 'blog estrangeiro em língua portuguesa'.
Obrigada!! :)

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  1. hihihi olha nossa cidadezinha! ;) mt boas fotos, como sempre! :)

  2. oh que orgulho agora :') a minha cidade é mesmo bonita hehe
    Sem dúvida que lhe fizeste justiça nas fotos!
    Já votei em ti! :D


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