Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Festivals equals summer time!!

Hello Summer!!
Here you are! We are very glad that you came but we have a couple of things to say to you. For now on is absolutely mandatory having:
  • spectacular mornings with bright sun, right when we need to wake up.
  • perfect sunsets to spend with our lovely ones
  • long days spending with our friends on a BBQ: eating nice food, fresh salads, colorful fruits,...and drinks to make us spirituals ;)
  • warm and pleasant afternoons (after 4pm :)) on the beach playing some soccer, volley or simply walking, and swimming, swimming on the water (not too cold, not too jacuzzi)
  • perfect vacations with our friends with a lot of adventures to talk of...and laugh of!
  • cool and crazy family lunches
  • festivals: music festivals, food festivals, dog festivals, friends festivals :D
  • Italian ices, frozen yoghurts, ice creams,..
What do you want for this Summer?


P.S.: This past weekend I went to a Veggie festival in Bryan Park (Richmond,VA). Me and my friends bike there and we simply enjoyed the food, music and nature. Look at some pictures that I took.


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