Thursday, April 19, 2012

casa Loma

Today, some apartment therapy! This will be the last set of photos from Canada, ok? This time a Gothic Revival style residence that is now a museum and a landmark of Toronto. The house was owned by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt: a financier, soldier and wealthy man.

So picture this: the house (or should I say castle!) cost approximately $3.5 million and took a team of 300 workers and three years (1911-1914) to build from start to finish. It has 98 rooms, 5 acres of gardens...and an underground tunnel connecting to the hunting lodge and to the stables (garage, potting shed, stalls, carriage room and tack rooms). God!
As you can imagine, this guy hosted the best parties ever!! And more than social events, the Pellatt's were involved in a number of philanthropic projects. Chic!
Unfortunately, Sir Henry Pellatt started to have problems in sustaining the magic of Casa Loma. Tu ru ru After the World War I the economy collapsed, leading to the bankruptcy and they went back to the countryside.
As a curiosity, Casa Loma has been a popular location for movies and TV sets such as X-Men, Chicago and temporarily transformed into Hogwarts for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Amazing!
I hope you like the photos!


PS: Oh! Sir Henry was so chic and tasteful that he imported artisans from Europe to design much of the furniture. ;)


  1. super super gira! adoro visitar castelos ou palácios assim antigos para ver as decorações, para ver o mobiliário, adoro as coisas de época! fiquei super desiludida no palácio real em madrid quando entrei nas salas e estava tudo vazio!!!

  2. Fotos super bonitas :)

  3. A qualidade das fotos está sempre a aumentar!...Carrega macaca! ;)

  4. Gostei muito das fotografias e gostei muito da ideia do blog :)


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