Friday, June 15, 2012

basements can be fun!

Last weekend I helped my labmate moving to another apartment. Let me rephrase: We were supposed to help with the moving but in fact we arrived late...just because there was a Greek festival going on! Me and my friend K, a very cool british girl, went to the Greek Festival (just to have lunch, we said!) but there was a lot to see! It's not our fault! No, my friend is not that british... I don't think she likes clocks! (just kidding ahah)

A funny story about the moving: they had a really cozy black leather couch (check the photos) but since the apartment was on the basement they couldn't make it through the door. They tried to move it to different positions, but it was just impossible! So, she left the fat couch on the hall, until they decide what to do. In the meantime, I think they could take some naps in the hall while they figure out a solution!  :D
The building is really cool so I took some photos of the hall, the tea room/nap room, and also the basement, where there was a maintenance room.

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  1. a parte superior é fantástica.. adorava viver numa casa assim. Já a cave.. hummm é única :P

  2. ai adoro!! e as fotografias estão óptimas! :) também não dizia que não a essa casa! e as coisas quando são "só para ir lá ver uma coisa" ou "só para almoçar"...... nunca são assim!ahahahah


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