Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Apple pie

Apple pie is the best-known example of a fruit pie. It's a pie very popular around here, specially at this time of the year when the apples can be freshly picked from the trees. I present you the american-style apple pie, this beautiful double crusted pie.
The apples are the queens of this dessert but the crust is huge deal here too.
There is a lot of tricks for having a perfect pie crust. Keeping the dough cool, refrigerate it between steps and before baking to promote a flaky crust and help the pie maintain its shape. For fullest flavor, use a blend of apples in a pie.
The ingredients are very simple, probably you will have in your pantry. So, run to the kitchen and start doing it! 

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from The all-american dessert book, Nancy Baggett

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  1. Que delícia!! Parece super facil...vou tentar! :D

  2. Que bom aspecto! Vives mesmo nos EUA?

  3. Ai q bom! tem um aspeto delicioso! tenho q experimentar! Acho q me vou dedicar este fim-smn à cozinha! vou fazer essa tarte de maçã, aquela receita de pão q publicaste...tenho q me dedicar! depois de fazer a 1ª vez, não há-de custar nada!bj

  4. tenho para mim que apesar de gostar de maças não ia gostar da torta, não sei :P

  5. Marie on ExpectationsOctober 20, 2012 at 6:04 PM

    Eu (estava) estou a tentar fazer dieta!!


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