Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grand Caverns

Hey everyone!
I have some pictures of the Grand Caverns that I want to show you. Last month, we went for a lab trip to the mountains (west of the state of Virginia - Harrisonburg) and in our way back home we stopped in this beautiful caverns! They are located in the central Shenandoah Valley and it claims the distinction of being America's oldest show cave in operation since 1806. This is what wikipedia told me, because the guide only talked about how some stalactites/formations looked like pizza, hot dogs, candies, champagne bottles, ... I don't know, I think she was hungry!
One curious fact though is that the cavern served as a ballroom in the 1800's. Can you imagine, the band music, the refreshments and the ladies with those big fluffy dresses, dancing only with candle light?
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  1. As fotos estão brutais! :) Agora, não imagino um piquenique lá dentro quanto mais um baile!! shahahahah E a descrição q os guias fazem? lololool q fartote! Se o meu prof de geomorfologia soubesse disso, ia lá e mandava-lhes um soco! Estalagtites com formato de hot-dog!....bof

    1. Aquilo é espaçoso! lol so d pensar q por algum motivo as velas se apagariam ou assim, q horror! é q é mm escuro! #arrepios#


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