Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby shower

Hey guys!
I'm so tired of this cold weather, bah!.. I can't wait for spring, for the birds and flowers! 
Sooo, last weekend I went to a baby shower; my first baby shower! I can scratch from my list of "things-I-would-like-to-try-in-EUA"! ahah

My labmate is pregnant and she invited me for her baby shower. Abigail is the name of her up coming child :)
Basically, the baby shower is a way to gather your family and friends (and dogs), and talk about pregnancy, the child birth and babies. Intense!!! There is food for everyone and, of course, some presents for the upcoming baby! Very interesting gifts by the way: the parents had a gift registration at a store that is environmental friendly, so wet/dry bag, a cloth diaper sprayer, some reusable diapers, butt organic wipers solution... oh my, it was a interesting lesson!
At the end, we played a game, where we had to associate some words related to babies with  candy names (Check the photo at the end).

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Now for the game:

Choosing baby's name: What-cha-ma-call-it
Contractions: Now and later
Anesthesiologist: Mr. Goodbar
Epidurals: Life savers
Hospital accountants: Nerds
11 pound babies: Whoopers
Postpartum tummy: Jelly bellies
Breastfeeding: Milky way
Mommy's sleep time: Take 5
Love my baby: Kisses

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  1. Ai coisa mais linda. Nem sei dizer de qual fotografia gostei mais, são apaixonantes.

  2. hihi! q giro!! achei piada ao jogo...parece o Apples to apples! :)

  3. Olá, vinha convidar-te a participares no meu giveaway é muito fácil de participares e tens dois prémios à escolha


  4. Aqui em Portugal não é comum, mas deve ser uma experiência engraçada :P
    Parece a ter sido uma festa bem gira.

  5. Aww adorei as fotografias e o bolo era adorável (:
    Já sigo

  6. Adoro esse tipo de coisas. Por acaso em Portugal não temos muito esse hábito do chá do bebé mas se um dia engravidar acho que vou fazer :D *

  7. tão giro!!! Deve ser divertido organizar uma festa dessas :)

  8. Realmente tem todo o ar de ser divertido. :D


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