Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 14: High Line Park and more lights!!

Last day in NYC!! The vacations were absolutely amazing! I hope you have enjoyed all of these blog posts, detailing our trip to Richmond, Washington DC and New York city. :)
So, there is this new High Line Park that everyone is talking about, and we were very curious about it so we went to explore it! We didn't know what to expect and it was a little bit hard to find, specially because we didn't stop at the supposed subway station. ahah Guys, the Park is so cool! Basically, they fixed and embellished a freight rail line elevated above the streets of Manhattan, right at the Chelsea neighborhood.
A mix of emotions lead us again to the Central Park, and we decided to say for a couple of hours just to chill out and to absorb all of this american adventure. We sat down and we rewind our vacations
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  1. Gostei das fotos, principalmente dos graffitis são muito interessantes e tem umas cores muito bonitas! :)


  2. Adorei as fotos! Adorei este dia!...e já estou com saudades:(

  3. wow, adorei! *.*

  4. cake boss!! :) quero ver se vou a ny ainda este ano


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