Monday, July 18, 2011

'Casa Portuguesa'?..that's for sure!

You definitely have to try our 'caldo verde', our green soup! Is one of the signature dishes of Portuguese cuisine. This soup is very popular among the portuguese and I think is hard to not to like! Since is a hearty and light meal it can be consumed before a main course. Now, in the summer, 'caldo verde' is usually the first course and then is the grilled sardines or grilled pork and beef spare-ribs, with simple baked potatoes, bread and/or broa (portuguese cornbread) and a huge bowl of lettuce, tomatoes and grilled peppers salad.. :D
Although this classic Portuguese soup is simple to make, it requires the highest quality 'chouriço'. I found this 'chouriço' in my supermarket but it seems that I have to do another trip to New Jersey to buy portuguese goodies: 'chouriço' and dry cod fish is mandatory! ;)
When preparing this soup make sure that the kale is cut into extremely fine slices; that’s what creates the soup’s distinctive character.
These are the ingredients that you are going to need! Well, it's not the traditional 'caldo verde' but the idea is doing a white broth (classically with potatoes and onions) with sliced 'chouriço' and kale ;)



And now imagine a bowl of this comforting soup with a slice of 'broa'...


  1. Hmmm, até fiquei com apetite para um caldinho verde, Jo! :) hihihi

  2. caldo verde <3 só queria aprender a fazer :p
    Gostei do blog :)


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