Thursday, July 28, 2011

some color block on the streets?

Hey guys!!

I'm very excited to show you these photos that I took this afternoon because these Victorian houses are a-do-ra-ble!
I always thought that white was a good and wise choice to paint the exterior walls of a house, or maybe beige too. I never thought of painting them in bright colors. I mean, it's very tricky to paint a concrete wall with turquoise, pink or even lime. Especially because it seems that the colors painted over concrete tend to standout! And well, that is not good! And it's easy to look cheap and vulgar, in opposite of being cool and stylish.
But here, the colors look so nice and elegant! They used different materials to build their houses (which helps the color to be absorbed), they have cute front porches with lovely chairs, outstanding doors and some cool details.The Victorian style rocks! What do you think?
It's hard to pick my favorite.. But I definitely like the front door with a fancy color!



  1. Nice photos dear :D:D

    C s 1 9 9 3

  2. Looks like a movie set! Lovely!

  3. Make a reservation ;p Love all them!

  4. hey girls, don't forget to check my giveaway! ;)

  5. I love Victorian houses :) These pictures are great!

  6. ja me tinham falado deste post! Adoroooooo
    grande ponto de vista!!!

  7. É mesmo de perder a cabeça....
    Pensei que a Zara aí praticava os mesmos preços...
    Se precisares de alguma coisa avisa....

  8. adorei a originalidade do post!! color block nas ruas!! =D para decoração, o estilo vitoriano sempre foi e será o meu favorito...<3

  9. Adoro essas casas assim, que post tão giro! :D


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