Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mother Nature, please be gentle!

I have my luggage near from me and I'm just waiting for the taxi to go to the airport.
Before I leave for my vacations, I thought I could share with you some pictures that I took last monday, after a mini-storm. This weather here is really funny: it's so humid that sometimes the sky needs to unload!! Imagine this for a second: the temperatures start to rise, as well as humidity; it's like, you sweat as you stand outside doing nothing (iac!) and you it seems that the sky is heavier! Suddenly, the storm begins: thunderstorms, lightnings and heavy rain!You better stay at home ;) Don't try to fight with nature, you will end up completely wet (Nature: 1; you:0), I can assure that! Anyway, usually the storm is "fast and furious" and the recovery is fast too. Sometimes I wake up, after a bad night of storms, and it's like nothing really happened.
So, where was I? Oh, yeah monday! Last monday, after a quick storm the skies turn out like this. Is not amazing? I didn't edit the photos, at all! What you see is what I saw!

kiss, kiss 

PS: I'll be back just in September with more adventures in uncle Sam's territory, missing my Portugal. But at least I have you ;)


  1. amazing pictures :)

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    Kiss from Portugal***

    Brown and Cappuccino*

  2. O Algarve é td isso e mt mais, é uma das nossas pérolas!vamos ver se vou ate la nas ferias! ;) o video ta mt porreiro!
    Vim de ferias p PT mas dps em Set volto p Richmond.


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