Saturday, September 10, 2011

The magnificient Jefferson Hotel

Hey everyone!

I'm back!..back on track! As you can imagine, my vacations were perfect, f**king perfect! Family, friends and boyfriend; beach,food and sun!! I just need to gather the photos all together, pick the best of, and I'll make a post of it ;)
But first, I would like to share with you some photos from 5 star hotel The Jefferson, just a couple of blocks from my apartment. It's very luxurious and unique, inside and out! Unfortunately I didn't have the lucky to actually stay a night, but this summer, me and my friends had a sneak peak on the lobby and main salon.
The Jefferson opened its doors in 1895, and the responsible was Lewis Ginter, he commissioned the design and construction. He imported exotic palm trees from Central and South America and purchased hundreds of valuable antiques here and abroad. Unfortunately, he died less than two years later. In 1901, the hotel was accidentally burned down, demolishing three-fifths of the building. Although the interior of the hotel looked very different from the original, it was reopened in 1907.
One thing very curious about the decoration is the alligators that you can find everywhere, representing the actual alligators that usually lived in the marble pools in the Palm Court, becoming a source of much interest.
I have a friend that stayed in The Jefferson at her wedding night and she said that the breakfast was magnificent!
I hope you enjoy!*


PS: Hey, do you want to know what Inês from That's Bananas, received from my giveaway? Check here! ;)


  1. Hello!

    nunca mais lembrei que estavas de férias, foi uma pena porque se calhar até estiveste alguns dias por Aveiro!

    bom regresso!

    ah! e adorei o hotel!

  2. oh pois! mas a verdd é q as ferias passaram tao rapido e fiz imensas coisas!vamos ver como corre no Natal..até podiamos combinar um cafézinho! ;)

  3. Tb não sou grande fã da Missoni, mas tem coisas que estão muito giras...


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