Wednesday, October 19, 2011

12 days for Halloween!

Hey y'all!
Ready for the America's most exciting holiday? Here, Halloween is actually real (you feel it!), and people get very serious about this celebration! So how they celebrate it? Halloween is a synonymous of trick-or-treat, costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns (pumpkins), bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films.
Last year, I went to a costume party.. I had just arrived to the US, so my friend borrowed me a costume of...kind of a vampire. Well, I was half vampire, half me: the (tiny) dress+skinny black pants+some make up+ my
Ah! But this year it's starting differently: I already bought a pumpkin (well, not exactly a pumpkin, it was canned pumpkin, cheaper!), my labmate already changed the old playlist to creepy songs (hehe) and the coolest thing ever: I saw a super awesome horror movie! Do you know Rocky Horror? It's a film from 1975... so it's a old science fiction movie, low-budget, trying to be very creepy! The result: a very funny film, but also with a "cultural, historical, or aesthetic significance". But now, picture this: the film started on the projector and at the same time, some actors were performing, copying it. More, the public (including me) interacted too, helping to build the scenario (for ex. we had to throw water with little water guns to do the rain, do the choreography when they start to sing.. hilarious!). And some cast was spread in the public saying jokes at loud and making funny at the movie, on purpose.. I was thinking: What the f**k is this? Hilarious, simply hilarious... I laugh all the time and I just understood half of the jokes!! lol 
Let's see what I can do more for this Halloween... For now, just have a look at these photos..Is not cool all the stuff that they have to offer? Americans are pro in throwing theme parties!



  1. Ena, tantos doces Jo! :P
    Gostava de assistir a um Halloween aí, deve ser bem giro :)

  2. Eles vivem o Halloween como ninguem! quando vivi no Reino Unido apercebi-me que tb se comemora 'bastante' o Halloween mas as meninas acabavam sempre com micro vestidos e costums que mostravam muito corpo, acho que é a versão britânica, tipo 'halloween sexy'... enfim :-) O filme parece ter sido mesmo hilariante, gostei da interactividade com o público :-)

    Obrigada pela sugestão do japonês em Coimbra, já está mais que decidido! é lá que iremos :-) bjinho**

  3. ps - vi uma foto dos reeses cup!! que saudades... apenas pensar nesses chocolates é uma tortura! já n como um há 2 anos e em Portugal não encontro um único sítio que tenha... bjinho**

  4. omggg a loucuuuuura ehehehh : )) estou desejosa de me mascarar de bruxinha e ir dançarrr all night!! <3

  5. Sempre tive a ideia, por filmes e série, que os americanos adoram o Halloween! (:


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