Friday, May 11, 2012

10K Historical Walk

You know that I’m a Richmonder very active, right? Ahah! I like to explore the city and it’s been so fun look for places to go, things to do, American foods to try!
As a good citizen, I went to this 10K Historical Walk last weekend! The idea was to stop in some of the city’s greatest treasures, such as historic sites and landmarks, restaurants and boutiques, with some little surprises in each turn.

We started at 8:50am at the Virginia Historical Society, a place with valuable books, manuscripts, museum objects and natural history specimens. But it seems that many of its collections were lost during the Civil War. :/

Byrd Park
A park with 287 acres, very popular around here, with a lake and one-mile fitness loop for the exercisers. Colonel William Byrd II is considered the founder of Richmond so the city has plenty of places with his name. There is also a war memorial Carillion with 240 feet high; concerts are usually played on veteran-related holidays.

Windsor Farms
One of the Richmond’s first planned neighborhoods, designed in 1926. The road layout consists of circular and diagonal patterns with English street names. What a beautiful neighborhood!

Virginia House
It was completed in 1929, using a blend of three romantic English Tudor designs; it was for its time a thoroughly modern home complete with seven baths, central heat, modern kitchen and commodious closets. Hi 5 for Alexander and Virginia Weddell’s home!

Agecroft Hall
You probably don’t believe me but this house was located near Manchester, England in the 15th century. However, at the end of the 19th century the house was sold at auction, it was shipped across the Atlantic and meticulously rebuilt. Craazy!

 Confederate War Memorial Chapel
The chapel was built in 1887 in memory of the more than 260 000 confederate war deaths. The chapel was used regularly until the last resident veteran died in 1941.

My friend and I arrived around noon.. exhausted! Uff! It was really fun and what a perfect day for a walk :D

Kiss, kiss


  1. Cada vez que venho ao teu blog só me apetece é meter-me num avião e ir prós US! :p

  2. Oh quem bom Melody, quero é que te sintas inspirada com as minhas fotos! Estes eventos aqui são mt porreiros, quem sabe s uma de voces nao aposta numa empresa de eventos em PT ;)

  3. Gostei do conceito do teu blog e já estou a seguir :)


  4. gosto tanto! é tãaao americano e que cores tão boas :)


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