Thursday, May 31, 2012


And May came to an end... oh! What a sweet month! The festivals already start here in Richmond, and you know what that means, right? Music, funnel cake and lemonade, people and cute dogs :D eheh
This month I pushed myself up to another level in terms of photography: I had 5 different assignments and I finished this 31-day photography challenge, proposed by expertphotography. I hope you like them! (I posted all the photos on soblushed facebook page. Don't miss a bit, give it a like!)
June will be very exciting actually!! I'm going to San Francisco for a conference (for fun!)! soblushed at the west coast! oh yeah ;)

PS: Did you like my updated 'about me' page? Check the things that I love, I'm sure we will have things in common.

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  1. Está espetacular!! Como é q ninguém comentou este post???


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