Monday, September 3, 2012

Be strong New Orleans!

Seven years after New Orleans suffered a catastrophic flood damage from hurricane Katrina, 'rude' Isaac is now causing widespread damage too. You have probably  seen many images of New Orleans struggling with the storm; So I thought I could show you the other face.
New Orleans is such an interesting and unique city. The funny thing is I felt that this city was familiar to me; I would say that is kind of a Richmond, but fancier. It’s not like a tall and modern city like New York or Chicago. New Orleans has soul and history.
La Nouvelle-Orléans was a french colony back in 1718 and its name came from the French city of Orléans. Although the city remained under Spanish control from 1783 until 1801, Napoleon sold the territory to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
New Orleans (often called NOLA, New Orleans Lousiana) has this distinct French Creole architecture that I really like, it is the birthplace of jazz (how cool is having your lunch/dinner  with the sound of jazz?! Love it!) and it is also famous for its cuisine and its annual celebrations and festivals like Mardi Gras (Carnival).

I think the pictures show what I’m trying to explain ;) Enjoy!

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  1. Concordo contigo J., parece ser uma cidade muito familiar, muito cozy ;) aquela casa é lindaaaaaaaaa :)


  2. Oh, s'eu gostava de conhecer a terra do Jazz e da Scarlett!

  3. será com toda a certeza a minha próxima paragem! talvez lá para primavera, quando puder tiver férias oficiais lol
    Parece ser fabuloso e é uma pena que esta terra seja agredida pela natureza desta maneira =(

  4. Que fotos bonitas, gostei de passear por Nova Orleães com as tuas fotos :)
    Pena a natureza ter sido tão má com este sítio tão bonito!


  5. Parece mesmo a ser uma cidade fantástica, cheia de diversidade e cultura. Adoraria visitar um dia! É mesmo uma pena tudo o que aconteceu a esta cidade.

  6. Parece ser uma cidade maravilhosa fervilhante de música e histórias. Adorei as noivas cadavéricas ahahah Beijo

  7. nem parece que tas nos states..é mm diferente! ;)


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