Monday, July 30, 2012

|soblushed| at the river

I’m not a beach person, as some may know (although my hometown is 15min by car) but living in a city that is far from one is painful, specially in the summer! I really miss the sea but I've got here the James River, my perfect place for long walks, landscape seeing...and ice cream eating ahahahah (There is always a cart of water-based ice cream called soul ice). It is definitely a top 5 Richmond’s sightseeing. Love it!

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  1. eu tb tenho um rio mais ou menos perto de casa (o mar fica longe) e adoro ir para lá! é um lugar mesmo giro, escondido, rodeado de arvores ;)


  2. Q giro! Um rio pode ser melhor que o mar no sentido em que é mais docinho! ahahahha

    Maneda, estás linda! Gostei muito das fotos! Gosto do modelito...mesmo adequado para sightseeing and ice cream eating! lol

  3. ohhh lovely! is that tiago taking pictures of you?


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