Monday, August 6, 2012

treat number 2

A good bowl of cereals and milk is still my favorite breakfast. Clusters (of Nestlè) with cold milk, or even Corn Flakes with warm milk and a touch of coffee powder. oh yes! Oh, by the way, here the cereals taste quite different, because of the amount of sugar. More, they don't know how delicious Chocapic, Clusters or even Nestum are.
Another mental exercise for you: imagine the awesomeness of the Rice Krispie cereal mixed with peanut butter and marshmallows to glue them :) Double Yes! (I'm turning very American, don’t you think?)

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recipe from Joy the baker cookbook
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  1. oh gosh, porque é que isto parece delicioso!? comi uns quantos quadrados agora ;)


  2. Adoro arroz tufado!!! :) nhami! bj

  3. hmm, eu acho qe essa ultima sugestao deve ser maravilhosa! mas para fazer tipo.. uma vez por mes nao? ahah

  4. Vou seguir te:)))



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