Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 days, 5 cities

If it was the trip of my life? Well, probably! At least from my 26 years old... This adventure here in USA is really turning dreams into reality. I mean, I never thought living in USA in the first place but then having the opportunity to visit all of these cities (that you see on the movies ;) ).. It's just amazing!!
Pick american cities to explore could be quite exciting, right? The problem is deciding which ones to go :s

Last year when my boyfriend came to see me, we went to Boston, New York and Washington DC (check the posts if you missed them). This time, we went crazier: we visit 5 cities in 10 days!
So now the question is: what cities did we went? Can you guess? ;)
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  1. heheheh!! Eu já sei quais foram...mas não digo nada! ;) vou deixar o pessoal adivinhar! bj

  2. Só consigo identificar 3...f...!

  3. Eish...o "unknown" deve ler-se "J. Catarino" :)

  4. Ola :) Humm não recebi nada :) Manda-me um e-mail para aqui :)

  5. identifiquei algumas mas n sei se quero arriscar-me a errar lol lol :) eu adoro conhecer novos lugares :) acho que fazes muito bem em aproveitar o teu tempo aí :)



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