Thursday, August 16, 2012

treat number 4

Put your hands in the air if you like marshmallows!! Yeah! These little sponges have always intrigued me! I'm not a fan of marshmallows "au naturel". I actually prefer them roasted... The flavor is so different! It's so gooood! ;) When I was young, there was a candy cart near my school, where we used to buy candies and 'tripas doces' (a  typical dessert from Aveiro: it's like a crêpe, but more moist and rare and you can choose the filling you want in it!!). Back then, there was an option: tripa with marshmallows, a very innovative thing by the way...
Now, the question is: am I able to do marshmallows from the scratch? Almighty God of the candies and good things, help me in this tough duty! 

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PS1: Thank you K. for lending me the heavy duty mixer!
PS2: The marshmallows look a lit bit ugly, but like my friend said the beauty comes from within :D
PS3: Next time I have to leave the marshmallow mixture cool down a little bit more that way the chocolate doesn't melt :s

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  1. Parece-me bem esse hot chocolate & marshmallows :)

  2. ai que eu vou engordar!!!!! que coisa maravilhosa, que bom aspeto ;)

  3. que bom aspecto!
    Estou a seguir :)

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