Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 3: exploring downtown RVA

We spent the third day exploring the downtown of Richmond, that is mainly were the central business district is. Maybe you'll be amazed... I know a lot of you imagine Richmond as a little town, with no buildings... No way! There, you can find for example the Virginia State capitol, the city hall, the hospital, some VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) buildings and the lab were I work...all BIG! 

We had lunch with my labmates at the carts and we chose different meals to share with each other: thai, caribbean, greek and paninis (I will post the food on another time ;)). After lunch, we went to the garden at the capitol to relax and enjoy some sun, and to see the stressed squirrels! 
But the moment of the day was really when we went to have a visit inside the capitol. We had a tourist guide telling us the history of Virginia during civil war (everything is about civil war here!) and the foundation of the Commonwealth of Virginia and many other stories. The guy was really nice, very the stories seemed even more fantastic! He even told us all about Pocahontas and John Smith's love story! He also showed us their portraits.. We saw a painting of Pocahontas when she went to England, all dressed up. Hilarious! They stylized her to be more english, they say. ahah 
We finished the day, taking a nice cappuccino at the great neighborhood Church Hill...and then came the sunset. On the top of the hill, the sunset is always magic!

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  1. Cá está o downtown de Richmond. Tenho a dizer-vos q é mais bonito ao vivo!


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