Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 8: snow just for us!

I know that it's hard to believe but, yeah, it snowed in March (24th!)!! The temperature just dropped a lot on the days before, as you can tell by our coats and outlayers that we were using. It was something going on during that week, a polar front that affected this coast bla bla (my sister said). 
Well, I didn't ask for snow, but if you really want a true american adventure you have to experience snow! So, it was perfect! ahah We went to this mall, just to do some light (lol) shopping and to do groceries... All the sudden, it just started to snow like crazy...and then we went crazy! I don't need to say that we started to throw snowballs to each other and arrived home completely wet and cold, totally unprepared!ahahahah
It was the perfect excuse to drink a coffee and a doughnut at Krispy Kreme (actually not my favorite doughnuts but they are an american classic! I prefer Dunkin Donuts). It was a very nice afternoon! :)

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  1. brrrrrrrrr...só de me lembrar do frio q apanhámos!! Foi tão divertido este dia! Pareciamos putos que nunca tinham visto neve. Só me lembro da cara da sra da loja a olhar p nós e a perguntar "De q país é q vocês são?!" ahahahaha

  2. Ver neve agora é estranho, parece que já ficou lá longe, mas o frio só nos deixou há pouquinhos dias!

    As imagens tão deliciosas, aii esses donuts <3

    Beijinho e boa 6ªfeira*

  3. Aww, é tão giro brincar na neve! E os donuts estão tão apetitosos!

    Giveaway no meu blog <3 SHE WALKS Blog


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