Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter vacations

Depression post-vacations! Yep, this is how I'm feeling right now..  My sisters and my older sister's boyfriend came to visit me during the Easter vacations. It was awesome!! If you follow me on facebook (like me!! facebook page link ) you already know some of our adventures, I posted one photo per day. We spent some days in Richmond, discovering the history behind the civil war and the 'Pocahontas+John Smith' story, exploring the true american food, appreciating the random weather (it snowed in March!), shopping and shopping; all the memorials, museums and monuments in Washington DC; and the vibrant New York City with all the fantastic neighborhoods and multicultural food, people and places!

I have tons of photos to look and edit so, in the mean time have a look at these ones.

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  1. Obrigada por teres contribuído para as férias mais fixes de sempre!!! :)


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