Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 6: Chillout at the river

Day 6 was dedicated to the James River! We packed our lunch and we went to explore this Richmond river. We started at the cemetery because it has an amazing view from the river, and I don't know if am I suppose to say this, but we actually had our sandwiches there. Please don't get me wrong, our sandwiches were just simple, honest and respectful sandwiches! ahah
So, yeah, basically we just walked alongside the river, we saw the Virginia Memorial, we crossed the river, we walked through the canal and we ended up drinking a beer at this Irish Pub. What an excellent day!
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  1. Este blogue é só boas fotografias, sou fã.

  2. Ai...queria voltar...voltar àquelas rochas à beira do rio James e apanhar sol com as minhas maninhas e com o meu Jhonny Boy! Foi tão bom!


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