Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 9: Fine Art

Day 9: last day in Richmond! They had so much fun here! My sisters told me that they felt very happy to finally meet the city in person, specially after all of the posts and photos on my blog! I think they almost felt they were at home!
So, for the last day, we chose to go to Virginia Fine Museum of Arts, close to Carytown. The building is very modern and it covers collections of Art Nouveau, Deco, Modern and Contemporary, French Impressionist, British sporting art... Have look! It's amazing!!
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PS: Do you recognize Pocahontas with her english outfit?

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  1. que lindo!!! tambem gosto muito de arte :)
    obrigada por visitares o meu blog, acho que começar a produzir mais daquelas t'shirt para quem quiser encomendar ihihih
    nunca se sabe :)



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