Friday, December 23, 2011


Yes, dɪˈsembə(r) is December! ;) 
I know that is not finished yet, but the next 8 days will be the holiday season, and that is pretty special.

Thank you December for:
  • Getting me all the presents in time
  • Giving me pleasant days, without snow* (that way I think I won't have huge problems with my flight to Portugal)
  • Filling the city with parades, lights and joy
  • Showing me that peppermint is not just for tea
  • Bringing the Secret Santa (Xtmas friends, I prefer!)
  • Remembering me that the animals are super awesome and they could be very human (and vice versa lol)
*please December, ask your neighbor January for some snow. Please, please! It's always so fun! and I want to take more pictures :D

Kiss, kiss


  1. Que imagens fantasticas!!! Estes diarios sao qq coisa;)
    Boa viagem de regresso a casa!!!! Beijo


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