Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I miss my cat & dog! :( I don’t have any pets here; it’s a sad studio. Booo! Well, I have the squirrels outside, sometimes friendly, sometimes crazy and out of their minds! Lol
Last weekend I went to the zoo (Chesterfield county) with the photography group from Richmond, and as you can imagine, it was awesome! Animals have that sweet look that always makes us smile (is it? or is the thought that I'll be in Portugal in about 3 days?! Hehe).

This zoo isn’t that big.. but It’s always cool to say hi to the animals wherever they are! Every time I go to a zoo, what I really want to see are the fuzzy ones: the primates, the cats, the lemurs… :D they are so funny and cute.

I took a lot of pictures so I decided to show them in several posts. First, the Teddys. ;)
What about you, which animals do you prefer the most?



  1. A 8ª foto é da macaca do Parque de Aveiro...faz-nos recordar os nossos domingos! hehe Gosto muito do primeiro fofucho! Reparaste no filhote dos macacos na última foto?

  2. Adoro animais!! Tenho imensa pena de não ter um de estimação, queria um guaxinim mas tá visto que é impossível!

    Adorei os Tigres!!

  3. Adorei as fotos, já tenho tantas saudades de ir a um jardim zoológico <3


  4. Vou viver para fora, também. E o que me vai custar mesmo vai ser estar longe dos meus animais - 2 gatos e 3 cães.


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