Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Friday

When I had the opportunity to do a phD, my supervisor had already plans for me: spend about 2 or 3 years in a city called Richmond, VA, USA. First thought was: where? I didn’t know anything about the city and living here in the US was never like a dream to me. I don’t know… I always thought about staying in Europe, not changing continent! I didn’t have any expectations for Richmond. People would say it is a simple and boring city. It doesn’t have the cosmopolitan touch of NYC, neither the VIPs of Los Angeles or the sunny and party days of Miami..
In fact, Richmond has been a surprise for me!! It's surrounded by art and I can attend to many cultural events every week. Believe me: I always find some nice things to do. As you remember, there were many festivals in the summer (watermelon festival, 2nd st festival, ducks race, veggie festival)..and now, that is getting cold, the events don't stop!
Have I told you about the Artwalk? It happens monthly, every first Fridays without stop and I always have a lot of fun! Every city gallery and small business are open for the public and they always have some special treats for us: special exhibitions, live music, vendors, dancers, entertainment. First Fridays are about making arts and culture attractive and inviting!
So check some of the photos that I’ve been taking from this last First Friday. This is pretty neat, isn't it?


PS: Hey, participem no passatempo do soblushed! É uma prendinha super fixe aqui dos states (dica: 500gr de pura inspiração :D). Só precisam de trazer um amigo ;)


  1. Começo a perceber que Richmond é mm um exemplo fantastico de "tipo de cidades onde gostaria de viver"!!!

  2. que máximo! Richmond deve ser muito giro, tem imensa actividade!


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