Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Xtmas parade

And to kick off the Christmas season nothing better than a Christmas parade, right? Do you want to see some pictures of holiday floats, marching bands, huge helium balloons, and, of course, Santa himself? Hehe!

The event took place in the Broad St. last weekend, and it was very cool! It has been a Richmond tradition for 34 years! Anyway, all the Richmonders came to the parade and they didn’t forget the chair, blankets, pillows, food and coffee beverages to keep themselves as comfortable and warm as possible.

Last year, Rudolph suffered a terrible accident when he crashed into the traffic lights, and he actually needed to have some stitches (look at the band aid in his face) and yes, he survived in this year's parade! Thank God!




  1. Tanta animação! aí na America parece que há sempre uma parade em algum lado! assim é que é :P bjo**

  2. Adorei a qualidade das tuas fotos esta a ficar cada vez melhor ;) Adoro ;)
    Claramente que Richmond é uma cidade muito vivida ;)

  3. OMG so that is the city were Rudolph exploded? >.< I remember that video. I can't believe they used the same Rudolph this year XD

  4. Que girooo!!!
    Não fazia ideia da Xmas Parade mas parece bem animado!! :)

  5. e aqui está o link do video do Rudolph, no ano passado. tadinho, q desespero! lol


  6. Que giroo! Deve ser uma mega festa!

    xoxo F.


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